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Our Story

Looking for new places to PWC
Much like yourself, we love to ride.  But after a while, even a favorite body of water to splash-n-dash can get a little boring. And, with that in mind, the search for more water began.  Over the last few years, PWC Trail Finder has grown to become an "electronic library" of over 20,000 miles of trails.  Sure, some of these trails are our own, but most are from contributing enthusiasts.
Our Vision

Just how much navigable water is there in the United States?  We really don't know and it's likely a pursuit with no end - but we're not going to let that stop us!


It is our vision and ultimate goal to offer you the most comprehensive library of PWC trail riding information available.  Of course, we can't do it without you.  As there is truly no trail too large or small, every ride has a home at PWC Trail Finder.

Our Commitment

"For enthusiasts - by enthusiasts"...  As this is the only website dedicated to travel by Personal Watercraft, it is our sincere commitment to provide you with only the best,  most current data available.


While we strive to keep our maps up to date, we also count on our users to let us know of any inaccuracies: If you find any of our trail data in error we want to hear from you.

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