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Chattahootchee River North (108 Miles)

Despite the fact the launch is in Columbus, this state dividing trail definitely has a home in AL.  It's either a lengthy trip down river and back are just the beginning of a much longer journey.  Food, fuel, and places to stop can all be found along the way or at the trail's end.

Chattahootchee River North
Chattahootchee River South (141 Miles)

Depending on your direction of travel, this is either the first or last leg of what can be an epic journey.  It also adds a third state (FL) to this multi-state trail.  At approximately 70 miles one way, fuel economy may make or break this trip.  Fuel is only found on the extreme ends - cruise accordingly.

Chattahoochee River South

Fowl River (21 Miles)

With only a 30 minute trailer trip away, this short river ride makes a nice finishing compliment to the Mobile and Tensaw River Loop.  There are great open views on each end of the trail and you can finish your day with a nice dinner right next to the ramp

Fowl River
Gulf Shores Loop - Plus (105 Miles)

Now displaying a true loop around the entire Gulf Shores Island, this trail still has the areas to see in and around Orange Beach, including the "sneak" over the Florida line towards P'Cola Bay. With over a dozen POIs available to wine and dine at, this trail can seem endless and it's usually best to plan a direction with a few key stops in mind.

Gulf Shores Loop - Plus
Guntersville Lake to Nickajack Lake, TN (138 Miles)

For most intents and purposes this is an Alabama trail.  The problem, however, is launching on the south end and going north only to not find fuel for the trip back - you'd better strap down some gas on the back of the ski.  Or, as an alternative, launch near Chattanooga and head south.

Guntersville to Nickajack
Lake Eufaula (54 Miles)

Don't let the stated mileage above fool you:  A tight shoreline cruise will give you a lot more miles than what is stated.  This trail is also considered the "middle leg" for those making the full Chattahoochee River Run.

Lake Eufaula
Lewis Smith Lake (99 Miles)

Having one of the largest earthen dams in the eastern US and over 500 miles of shoreline behind it, Lewis Smith Lake will not fail to entertain any and all riders. Do your research as the the trails head in opposite directions and don't forget to check out the waterfalls.

Lewis Smith Lake

Mobile & Tensaw River Loop (178 Miles)

The further you travel this true loop, the better it gets: Begin by heading upstream with grand views of the lower Tensaw River then through the more intimate interior. Travel on the downstream side includes the Mobile City sites and finishes up with the "Lucky A" - the USS Alabama.  Planning to make the entire route?  Pack extra fuel - you'll need it!

Mobile & Tensaw River Loop

North GoM Barrier Island Hop (172 Miles)

Careful planning for fuel and a flat windless day will best be suited for this open water trail as a stiff breeze will send you packing.  This long range island hop covers the west end of the Gulf Islands National Seashore national park (and then some!) where special PWC rules apply.  Be sure to do your homework accordingly and be prepared for this all day trek.

North GoM BIH

Orange Beach to P'cola Loop (35 Miles)

This trail can be starte on either the west or east end and offer plenty of opportunites on the inside of the trail.  For days when the wind and waves are on the quiet side, take advantage of the conditions and tour the outside to complete the full loop.

OB 2 Pcola Loop

Tombigbee River Run (55 Miles)

 Here's a portion of the Tombigee R. that offers a quiet but scenic tour through south Alabaman. At 55 miles, one tank of gas is all it takes as you trek the waters north of the Coffeeville lock and dam. Bobby's Fish Camp, the one main waypoint will offer fuel for the body and the machine for those making it a full day on the water.

Tombigbee River Run
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