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CT River North (48 Miles)

While this trail offers great views of downtown Hartford, it won't be long before you're roaming through the CT countryside. Gildersleeve Island makes a great river stop and, if you've caught the tide right, check out the "jungle cruise" up the Matabesset River near the end of the trail.

CT River N
CT River South (66 Miles)

Starting just below the Arrigoni Bridge, this trail heads down river all the way to Long Island Sound. If you've picked the right day, extend the trail to its fullest by visitng the Pavilion via a few miles of open water to the east.

CT River S

Lake Zoar (20 Miles)

Located between the Stevenson Dam on the south end and the Shepaug Dam on the north lies the captured waters of the Housatonic river - known as Lake Zoar. Although it's a short track, the "Sandbar" stop can certainly turn the trail into a day on the lake.

Lake Zoar

Lower Housatonic River Trail (26 Miles)

Beginning at about a mile below the Derby Dam, the lower Housatonic offers plenty to see all the way down to Long Island Sound. All though the trail is short, plan to spend an afternoon hanging out at Wooster Island or having lunch at one of the area restaurants along the route.

Lower H River
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