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Alligator Chain of Lakes (31 Miles)

This small track links six separate lakes, with Alligator Lake commanding the group. Key POIs are lacking, but at least one food & drink stop can be found as you take in mixed views of FL lake living and seculded nature scenes.

Alligator Chain of Lakes
Apalachicola River North (138 Miles)

With the only known fuel found on the trip is at the extreme north end of the trail, the optimal starting point is the south end.  This also makes for a great first half of the day when coupled with the southern half of the river below.

Apalachicola North
Apalachicola River South (88 Miles)

If you've complete the upper half, make the run south for a full day of trail riding where food and fuel are both found near the GoM.   With both sections of the Apalachicola ran, you will have crossed the panhandle (north to south) at it widest point. 

Apalachicola South
Bradenton to Boca Grande (151 Miles)

This long loop is a tour from the south end of Tampa Bay to the north end of the Charlotte Harbor.  Marinas can be found easily enough throughout the chain of islands so there are no worries for food, drink or fuel.

Bradentn to Boca Grande
Chattahoochee River South (152 Miles)
Ride the line:  Serving as the border between Florida, Alabama, and Georgia, this long out and back connects Lake Eufaula on the north end to Lake Seminole in the south.  Although it will take you right at t full tank in either direction, fuel is found on both ends.
Chattahoochee South
Choctawhatchee & Natural Springs Run (115 Miles)
  What appears to be a brown-water river ride is but the start to something special: clear and cold waters boiling to the panhandle's surface where Washington Blue Spring, Holmes Creek, and Morrison Spring await your arrival.  With no food or fuel available, plan your supplies and ride accordingly.
Choctawhatchee Springs
Deland to Silver Glen Springs (55 Miles)

 Here's an opportunity to have a big day on a short run. Winding it's way up the St. John's River, into L. George, and back, you'll get to view the lush tropics of interior south-central FL. But the end of the trail is also the best part: The cool, crystal-clear waters of Silver Glen Springs run - don't forget your snorkeling gear.

Deland to Silver Glen Springs

Destin to Panama City Beach (116 Miles)

(Or vice-versa) This long, true loop will certainly occupy your whole day if you're so inclined. As each end has multiple launch facilites, eateries and fuel, in which direction the trail starts is completely optional. For windy days, however, the back side will keep you mostly on the inside waters.

Destin to PCB

Destin to P'cola (99 Miles)

 From Robertson Island on the west side of Pensecola Bay to Crab Island in Destin Sound, here's a trail that has plenty offer any Panhandle rider. Since the hang-outs on the trail ends can become crowded, don't forget about the small, uninhabited islands that welcome any PWCer looking for a place to take a break.

Destin to P'cola
Dunn & Crescent

Dunnn's Creek & Crescent Lake (56 Miles)

 This trail can launch from either the top on the St. John's River, the bottom at Dead Lake or near the center in Crescent City. Although fuel may be a concern, with a food stop in Crescent City, this trail makes an option to Palatka if launching on the upper Ocklawaha River.

Econ River (41 Miles)

Do your homework for this short, twisty, obstacle filled track:  Real-time water level is everything.  Too little and the ride is a no-go, while too much will keep you limited to half the ride.

Econ River

Escambia Bayous (28 Miles)

Here's a great little maze of marsh bayous to run for when the bays around P'cola are just too choppy.  Although there aren't many services on the trail proper, your not far from fuel or food on this short ride.

Escambia Bayous

Ft. Myers to Port Charlotte (117 Miles)

You can start on either end of this loop around Pine Island and the host of west FL keys that surround it.   Services of every kind can be found all along the trail and multiple stops will have you stretching this trail into a full day excursion.

Ft Myers to Port Charlotte

Great Kissimmee River Waterway (214 Miles)

From Kissimmee on the north end to its terminus at L. Okeechobee on the south end, this trail comprises the entire length of this infamous south-central FL river. Low water, lily jams and no less than six locks can be hinderances so choose your section of river via careful planning.

Great K River Waterway

Islamorada Loop (63 Miles)

Heading north to south, this is the 2nd trail located in FL's Keys. Another true loop, with the community of Islamorada lying at its center, this trail offers many variations via the channels slicing the chain of islands apart.

Islamorada Loop

Key Largo Loop (68 Miles)

This true loop circumnavigates Florida's largest key in the chain and offers a full day of riding. Highlights include off shore stops to various reefs and fuel consumption should be monitored for travelling off the route.

Key Largo Loop

Kissimmee Chain of Lakes (126 Miles)

The main track is the same route from the north end of the Great K River Waterway but the alternate routes shown allow for additional exploration. The lakes visited on this trail include Tohopekaliga, Cypress, Kissimmee, Tiger, and Rosalie. Launch facilities can be found on either end or near the center but fuel will be a concern for this extended chain of lakes. Finally, low water and hydrilla can also make or break this trail - plan accordingly.

K Chain of Lakes

Lake Monroe to Lake Harney (73 Miles)

(Or vice-versa) This single tank burner crosses two sizable lakes via the beautiful St. John's River and returns on the same route. A few optional routes will add some fun and also cut down on the common water. While food & drink can be found on either end, don't expect to find fuel too far south of L. Monroe. 

Lake M to Lake H

Lake Poinsett - SJR Trail (52 Miles)

What this trail lacks in key POIs, it more than makes up for in fun! Lying just outside of Cocoa, FL, this portion of the SJR includes Lakes Poinsett, Florence & Winder. A full tank of gas is all it takes to explore the trails branching off the river and you can finish up with a meal when the day is done.

Lake Poinsett - SJR

Largo to Port Richey (72 Miles)

Launching out of the Largo area, this trail heads due north and includes all the sights to see as you cruise through the Clearwater, Dunedin, Honeymoon & Anclote communities. Fuel, food & drink are readily available and the trip home offers alternate routes on the outside of the islands.

Largo to Port Richey

Leesburg to Silver Springs (78 Miles)

Although this long out and back trail starts on the south end of L. Griffin, some miles can be shaved by departing from the north side of the lake. It's a long run up the Ocklawaha River to the Silver River and where the trail will finally terminate at Silver Springs. 

Leesburg to Silver Springs

Little Manatee Maze (31 Miles)

What the little "M" doesn't have in POIs, it makes up for in fun. There are two mazes to check out - an upper and a lower - with the launching facilites central to both. A full tank is certainly more than enough gas and perhaps even enough to make the runs twice. 

Little M Maze

Lovers Key-Ft Myers-Sanibel Island (35 Miles)

This open water trail will see a lot of PWC action on just about any fair-weather weekend. Although short on distance, this trail is big on sites as well as places to beach your craft and make the day.


Manatee Maze (59 Mile)

Here's a great option for when the wind is up as you can make a run through the maze on the upper Manatee. On the upper Manatee is the small water with  scenic seclusion while the lower, big water has POIs of food & fuel. This general riding area should also be considered when touring out of Maximo, which is due north across the lower bay.

Manatee Maze

Marathon to Key West (113 Miles)

Finishing up the exploration of FL's chain of keys, this final leg makes a lengthy open water jaunt to the "end of the world" at Key West. Highlights on this trail inculde the southern most point of the continenatl US as well as the historic port disctrict of Key West - where food and fuel can both be found.

Marathon to Key West

Marathon Loop (53 Miles)

This third trail in FL's chain of keys takes off from where the Islamorada track leaves off in Long Key. Heading southwest, riders will get to visit and explore what the water side community of Marathon has to offer - including food and fuel.

Marathon Loop

Maximo GoM Loop (27 Miles)

Although small in distance, this loop offers the big water of the GoM and plenty of choices for island/sandbar stops as well as food & drink. This trail is also an excellent add-on to the Tampa Bay Tour - South trail, which also leaves out of Maximo Park.

Maximo GoM Loop

Miami Beach North Loop (32 Miles)

Considering all the possible POIs that one could check out, this could certainly be viewed as a "long" short ride. From the infamous Miami Beach to the Haulover sandbar, as well as the marinas and high-rise city sites, this is a ride to not be missed.

Miami Beach North Loop

Miami Beach South Loop (22 Miles)

The southern loop makes a great addition to the northern loop. This short trail will have you circumnavigating Dodge and Fisher Islands as well as Virginia and Biscayne Key.

Miami Beach South Loop

Naples to San Marco (53 Miles)

 Departing from downtown Naples, it wont' be long before you're winding your way through the "10,000 islands" of the local coastal mangrove forest. But don't worry, the track finds civilization at it's southern end at Marco Island, where food, drink, and fuel are readily available. What a ride: From large, upscale homes to scenes of nature's paradise. This trail has much to offer and there's plenty of routes to explore past what is listed.

Naples to San Marco

Ocklawaha to Silver Glen Springs (62 Miles)

Departing from near the Rodman Dam just below L. Ocklawaha, this trail first carves throug the smaller river's basin, and then the larger St. John's, south to Lake George. Crossing the lake, you'll find the entrance to Silver Glen Springs on the west bank.

Ocklawaha to Silver Glen Springs

Ocklawaha to St John's River (75 Miles)

Beginning with a "jungle cruise", this trail leaves the Ocklawaha Basin for the much larger St. John's River. Now heading north, follow the trail all the way to Palatka for lunch at Corky Bell's while fuel can be found just north of the bridge crossing the river there.

Oklawaha to St Johns River

Ormond Beach to St Augustine (109 Miles)

 At over  100 miles, this trail offers a full day of riding with endless key POIs: Food & drink, marina life, water on the outside and inside, historic sites and beaches. Although it's an out and back trail, the middle portion will offer something new to those making the trip north on the outside.

Ormond Beach To St Aug

Panama City to Port St Joe (92 Miles)

Provided you find the GoM agreeable, here's a true loop that will run east from the beautiful beaches of Panama City all the way to Port St. Joe. The return trip is run all on the inside, offering yet another view of the Florida Panhandle. With fuel stops and places to beach and eat, plan on spending most of the day on this beautiful trail.

PC to Port St. Joe

P'cola to Orange Beach Loop (52 Miles)

For days when the wind and waves are on the quiet side, take advantage of the conditions and tour the "outside" version of the Alabama "Orange Beach Beautiful Trail". This version, however, starts and ends in Gulf Breeze on the east side of Pcola Bay.

P'cola to OB

Peace River (Lower) & Lower Myakka River (72 Miles)

A lot of riders will tend to launch and stay on the upper end of the trail cruising the Peace River, but when the conditions are right, you'll want to check out Charlotte Harbor as well. Mind your milage if you do the full route - especially if you run the alternates as they'll extend the trail.

Peace River to Lower Myakka
Peace River Central

Peace River-Central (46 Miles)

 Like a number of FL's inland rivers, it's all about the water level - given enough, the Peace River can be a lot of fun. Ramps can be found on either end with nothing in between but a lot of tight and twisty fun.

Peace River Upper

Peace River-Upper (46 Miles)

Finishing out the completed trail so far, the upper Peace is  one way stretch of 23 miles going north from Arcadia.  While there are no services a single tank will be more than enough to explore the marked trail.

Perdido Key to P'Goula River (150 Miles)

Or Florida to Mississippi (and back):  This three state ride has a nice stretch of open water across Mobile Bay and a portion of the Mississippi Sound.

Perdido Key to P'Goula River

Port St. Joe to Carrabelle (121 Miles)

Looking from west to east, this trail caps off the last of the panhandle trails.  Approximately half the trail is an inside run with Lake Wimico at the center while the other half is across Apalachicola Bay.  While the posted track offers food and fuel on each end, it will be best to confirm any required facilities in the wake of 2018's Hurricane Michael.

St Joe to Carrabelle

St Augustine to Jekyll Island, GA (191 Miles)

Continuing northward from the Ormand Beach to St Aug track, this trail adds nearly 200 miles of roundtrip water travel. From America's oldest city to the historic stops of Cumberland Island, this trail is long on scenery and miles.

St Augustine to Jekyll Island
St Marys River

St Mary's River (117 Miles)

This out and back, long river cruise offers scenic back-country touring and finds the end of the trail just in time for fuel and food & drink. Here, on the eastern end of the trail, historic discoveries await offering you a chance to stretch your legs before the return trip upstream. As this trail is also a portion of the state line, this trail can also be found on the GA page.

Suwannee River North (100 Miles)

Departing out of Fanning Springs, this 50 mile one way track will demand the ability to supply your own fuel needs. Occaisonal sandy banks and natural springs worth visiting will make this 100 mile out and back an all day'er - plan accordingly.

Suwannee River North

Suwannee River South (72 Miles)

 Heading south on the way to the GoM, this portion of the Suwannee offers solitude and beauty. Natural springs and transisition from hardwood forest to palms and marshes will define the view. The trail ends with short marsh-maze as you find the town of Suwannee.

Suwannee River South

Tampa Bay Tour - North (44 Miles)

This smaller, modified loop has plenty of sites to see including downtown Tampa, along with a few "out & back" river runs. For the full package, consider adding additional trail by reviewing the "South" tour as seen below.

Tampa Bay North

Tampa Bay Tour - South (51 Miles)

This large, open water loop takes in most of the water lying between the Sunshine Skyway in the south and the Hillsborough and Old Tampa Bays in the north. From the city sites to the small isolated islands, this trail makes for a great run and can be used as an add-on to the Tampa Bay Tour - North or the Maximo GoM Loop.

Tampa Bay South

Tavares Pit Stop Trail (120 Miles)

While the beginning and end point for this trail is obvious, it's which way to go from there that one must consider. Not all directions will offer food & drink or fuel, but rest assured - they can be found, as well as the other sites worth seeing.

Tavares Pit Stop Trail
Trans So FL

Trans So Florida Expeditionary Route (272 Miles)

This long out and back trail is exactly what the title says. At 136 miles, one-way, and connecting the St. Lucie's South Fork (near the Atlantic) to the Caloosahatchee River (near the GoM) it could even be considered a coast-to-coast adventure. Careful planning is the order of the day, but crossing the "Great Okeechobe Waterway" in a day is definitely doable. 

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