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Altamaha South
Altamaha River South (107 Miles)

Beginning on the north end of the trail near Jesup, you'll carve and twist your way downstream for over fifty miles.  Near the end, the river will transistion from wooded river bottom to coastal marshes where food and fuel can both be found.

Brunswick Marsh (111 Miles)

Just east of Brunswick, and offering access to the Atlantic, this track runs from Jekyll Island in the south to the Altamaha River in the north.  There's food and fuel on both ends and the middle with plenty of other leads to investigate when the tide is right.

Brunswick Marsh
Chattahootchee River North (108 Miles)

Launching on the upper end of the trail in Columbia, you'll travel the state line dividing GA and AL.  It's either a lengthy trip down river and back are just the beginning of a much longer journey.  Food, fuel, and places to stop can all be found along the way or at the trail's end.

Chattahootchee North
Chattahootchee South
Chattahootchee River South (142 Miles)

Depending on your direction of travel, this is either the first or last leg of what can be an epic journey.  It also adds a third state (FL) to this multi-state trail.  At approximately 70 miles one way, fuel economy may make or break this trip.  Fuel is only found on the extreme ends - cruise accordingly.

Jekyll Island to St Augustine, FL (192 Miles)

Departing from Jekyll Island, this Atlantic Coast tour travels due south for nearly 100 miles to historic St Augustine, FL. Numerous historic waypoints mark the way as well as fuel and food & drink stops. 

Jekyll Island
Lake Eufaula
Lake Eufaula (54 Miles)

Don't let the stated mileage above fool you:  A tight shoreline cruise will give you a lot more miles than what is stated.  This trail is also considered the "middle leg" for those making the full Chattahoochee River Run. 

Lake Oconee (54 Miles)


Lake Oconee
Savannah East & South (89 Miles)

Isle of Hope, Harvey, Tybee Islands are just a few of the Low Country islands to be explored via the main routes that lie east and south of the City of Savannah.  Regardless of the route you choose, food and fuel can be found in either direction.  For a full day, consider pairing this run with the Savannah River -Lower trail or the trip over the line to Hilton Head, SC.

Savannah E & S
Savannah to Hilton Head Island, SC (88 Miles)

This trail makes a great addition to the lower Savannah River to help fill out a weekend of PWCing.  Heading north, the trail gives you great views of the SC low country with opportunity for food and fuel.

Savannah to HHI SC
Savannah River-Upper (148 Miles)

This out and back, long river cruise offers scenic back-country touring and finds the end of the trail just in time for fuel and food & drink. Despite its beginning on the SC bank, this trail definitely has a home on the GA page.

Savannah River - Upper
Savannah River-Central (124 Miles)

Connecting the upper and lower sections of the Savannah is a 62 mile trek along the GA - SC border.  With no amenities along the way, you'll need to plan for enough fuel to make it back to the starting launch.  Of course, you'll probably want to pack a lunch as well...

Savannah River - Central
Savannah River - Lower
Savannah River-Lower (115 Miles)

Finishing up the Savannah River's run to the Atlantic, this trail will terminate in the GA low country where city and industry sites command the view.  Food, drink, and fuel can be found near the track's end and in time for the ride back to the start.

St Mary's River (117 Miles)

This out and back, long river cruise offers scenic back-country touring and finds the end of the trail just in time for fuel and food & drink. Here, on the eastern end of the trail, historic discoveries await offering you a chance to stretch your legs before the return trip upstream. Whiles this trail has a starting point across the river in FL, there's no denying it's place here in GA. 

St Marys River
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