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Cumberland River - Barkley Lake to Clarksville, TN (192 Miles)

Including the inevitable pit stop for fuel, you'll likely travel in excess of 200 miles on this long, multi-state out and back.  Careful planning and a windless day will best suit your attempts of traversing Lake Barkley and teh upper Cumberland River.

Cumberland- Barkley to Clarksville
Cumberland River - Burksville to Cordell Hull, TN (226 Miles)


Burksville to CH
Lake Cumberland (323 Miles)

You'll need more than a weekend to enjoy all this south central KY rez has to offer:  At over 100 miles long and including all the feeder arms coming into the lake, Lake Cumberland has in excess of 1,200 miles of shoreline to explore.  All of a PWCers needs can be found with proper planning.

Lake Cumberland
Laurel River Lake (47 Miles)

A proper tour of this rez will see you log more miles than the current trail reports.  Access to the water can be found on either end while food and fuel is more centrally located.

Laurel River Lake
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