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Lower Potomac to DC (191 Miles)

With nearly 200 miles of trail to discover, this epic tour may be best suited to include two dyas of travel with an overnight stay in the nation's capital. Tracks mapped include the main trail of the broad, lower Potomac to it's upper reaches in DC, plus a few side trips into the Potomac's feeder creeks and rivers.

Lower Potomac to DC
MD Delaware Punch (145 Miles)

This version of the "multi-state" Delaware River originates on the C & D Canal just off the NE side of Chesapeake Bay, in Chesapeake City. It's an eventual two-tank ride that terminates on its northern end (on the Jersey side of the river) at Curtin Marina, where food and fuel can both be found. Take the ride and take in the sights - there's lots to see on this trail!

MD Delaware Punch
Ocean City, MD to Atlantic City, NJ (184 Miles)

This tri-state hydro tour includes travel in MD, DE, and NJ where it finally wraps up in Atlantic City. While the right weather might see this trek as one long day trip, careful planning will make it a weekend adventure. 

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