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Bay Springs to Pickwick (98 Miles)

Although this dam-to-dam run originates in Mississippi, you'll eventually find Tennessee at the north end of the trail. At just less than 50 miles before turning around, one tank in either direction is all the fuel you'll need for this Tenn-Tom tour through Mississippi's Tishomingo region.

Bay Springs to Pickwick
Bay St. Louis (100 Miles)

Here's another MS coast bay offering numerous trails to run up and down. The Jourdan River, Bayou la Croix, and Wolf Creek will all require caution on their upper ends but numerous sanbars will line the banks offering quiet spots for R & R. Although limited in quantity, food & drink and fuel can all be found on the water. 

Bay St Louis

Biloxi's Back Bay (104 Miles)

Here's an all day affair that showcases the three main tributaries to Biloxi's Back Bay area: Old Fort Bayou and the Biloxi and Tchoutacabouffa Rivers. While topping 100 miles is attainable, fuel can only be found on the outside. Investigating the bayous and rivers will offer many possiblities for R & R as well as food and drink. 

Biloxi's Back Bay
Escatawpa River

Escatawpa River (47 Miles)

Although the longest route is marked, the beginning of this trail is the rider's ramp of choice in the lower P'goula drainage. The trail then carves its way east and north and ends in Goodes Mill Lake.  Of course, given enough water, the intrepid voyager will push the trail onward.

'Goula Glades (77 Miles)

This trail into the Pascagoula River watershed has so many options, it will take quite a bit of planning to see it all. Along with the out and back trip on the north end, the main loop runs 77 miles. But, by adding the alternates and short cut routes, you can easily top 100 miles. Plan your trip accordingly - food, drink, and fuel can all be found, but none in abundance

Goula Glades

Leaf & P'Goula Rivers (124 Miles)

And a long ride it is! This trail combines the lower Leaf River to where it finds the Pascagoula R. before it empties into the GoM. This trip has both logistical and fuel concerns, but if you're looking for adventure, then this may be the trail for you. Multiple end routes equal multiple take-out points so be sure to read the Trip Report for additional navigation aids.

Leaf & P'goula Rivers

MS Honey Island Swamp Tour (58 Miles)

Although this trail begins and ends in Mississippi, most of this near true loop runs through the Pearl River's Honey Island Swamp in Louisiana. For a full day of riding, and if the wind allows, consider combining this trail along with the above MS Inside-Out Trail.

MS Honey Island Swamp Tour

MS Inside - Out Trail (57 Miles)

This trail runs just like its name says: Inside and Out. It also spends half of the inside and outside in both, Mississippi and Louisiana. Although the start is smooth running, there is plenty of open water for half the ride. You’ll then finish this true loop by completing the “maze in the marsh”.

MS Inside-Out Trail

North GoM Barrier Island Hop (172 Miles)

Careful planning for fuel and a flat windless day will best be suited for this open water trail as a stiff breeze will send you packing.  This long range island hop covers the west end of the Gulf Islands National Seashore national park (and then some!) where special PWC rules apply.  Be sure to do your homework accordingly and be prepared for this all day trek.


P'goula to Perdido Key (150 Miles)

Here's one trail that'll see you through three states:  Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  You can start on either end as fuel and food can be found at the same.

P'goula to Pedido Key

Ross Barnett (39 Miles)

Located just NE of Jackson, MS is the impressive Ross Barnett Reservoir. This trail makes for a great tour of the rez, especially on a calm day, as it includes a lot of open water, as well as some channel navigation. Combining this trail with the RB North trail will give you a full day of adventure and PWC riding.

Ross Barnett

Ross Barnett - North (43 Miles)

Here's a trail that's great for riding when the rez is just too windy. Departing from near the Hwy 43 bridge, you can carve your way up the Pearl River as far north as possible where the trail finally terminates at the Low Head dam. Pick the right weekend and you'll find a party happening at Flag Island. 

Ross Barnett-North
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