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New York

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Block Island Loop (96 Miles)

While this is listed as a NY trail, Block Island can also be accessed via any jump-off point in CT or RI. You can use the route as an out and back, but a true open water adventurer will spend the day making the loop.

Block Island Loop
Great Sacandaga Lake (59 Miles)

Consider this lake as a sister to Lake George above offering more Adirondack scenery for your viewing pleasure. Food, fuel, and beaching spots can all be found; NY summer fun awaits.

Great Sacandaga Lake

Lake George (74 Miles)

Rules apply: Zebra mussel inspections, launching permits, and shoreline speed restrictions, among others. It it worth the effort for PWCing? -Oh yeah! Weekdays are better than weekends for avoiding traffice, but either way you won't regret a visit to this Adirondack jewel.

Lake George

Long Island Loop (247 Miles)

Yes, it can be done as a single day trip - but you're better off making it a two-day'r. To attempt this epic adventure by water takes quite a bit of preparation in verifying operational hours of all the key POIs. While the trip in itself is a race against time, fuel conservation on one particularly long leg will be a concern. 
By completing this trail, your numbers will be as follows:
• 247 miles of travel, of which only 2 are common miles.
• Circumnavigate 1435 square miles of Long Island.
• Navigate 96 miles of open water in LI Sound.

Long Island Loop

Lower Hudson River Long Ride (331 Miles)

Consider this trail when your're looking for a weekend full of riding including an overnight stay. In preparing for this trip, be sure to verify your distances between waypoints for food/fuel stops as well as verifying operating hours. Naturally the trail can be ran from either end, but overnighting in Albany will also give you a "Day 2" ride just north of Troy, NY.

Lower Hudson River

Manhattan Island Loop (91 Miles)

Although Manhattan Island can be circumnavigated easily enough by launching from any local facility, leaving out of Yonkers will give you the opportunity of seeing more of the upstream end of the Hudson River. Combining the upper trail with the lower offers two unique views - city life, plus country living.

Manhattan Island Loop

Staten Island Loop (40 Miles)

Catch the wind and tide on a good day for this ride and you will not be disappointed: Industrial views, historic sites and skylines, a sandbar stop, and the great Arthur Kill maritime graveyard. Sure, the trail starts over the line in NJ, but it's a NY ride to be sure.

Staten Island Loop
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