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North Carolina

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Belews Lake (26 Miles)

The trails on this northern NC compound investigate each major arm, offering a brief tour of the nearly 100 miles of shoreline. In additin to the public ramps, two marinas can be found offering a full array of marine services. 

Belews Lake
Cape Fear - Wilmington Loop (42 Miles)


Cape Fear-Wilmington Loop
Cape Fear to Long Creek (36 Miles)

Consider this medium length out-and-back as a warm up run to the longer Great Northeast Caper below. This trail combines the larger river on the front end with Long Creek on the back. The further into the trail you travel, the more narrow and twistier it becomes. 

Cape Fear to Long Creek
Carolina Beach to Little River (100 Miles)


Carolina Beach to Little River
Carolina Beach to Sneads Ferry (99 Miles)
Carolina Beach to Sneads Ferry
Cashie River (79 Miles)


Cashie River
Chowan River (118 Miles)


Chowan River

High Rock Lake (47 Miles)

Offering a shoreline cruise of this central NC rez, this trail will have you see the majority of High Rock Lake. Leaving the main route, options for exploring also include some of the feeder creeks that drain into the main body of water.

High Rock Lake
Kerr Lake (85 Miles)

What started as a VA trail easily doubles as an NC trail as well and with most of the southern portion not yet tracked.  With nearly 900 miles of shoreline, the trail riding will be seemingly endless on this state border rez. Solitude, island & sandbar stops, as well as creek exploration define Kerr Lake. Keep in mind that the jump-off points are high in numbers, but fuel on the water is limited - plan your route accordingly.

Kerr Lake
Lake Gaston

Lake Gaston (88 Miles)

By exploring all of the feeder creeks draining into this large rez, posting triple digits on this trail will be no problem. While the posted track starts in NC, the northern half of the trail crosses the line into VA. Grand resedential views, food & drink stops, as well as fuel can all be found on Lake Gaston

Lake Norman

Lake Norman - Dam2Dam (57 Miles)

Here's an opportunity to run the same trail of the annual PWC fundraising event - the Dam2Dam run. Located due north of Charlotte, this large rez has plenty of shoreline to explore in addition to the south to north trail. The official trail begins on the lake's bottom end at Cowan's Ford Dam and terminates 28 miles to the north at Lookout Shoals Dam - rip it up!

Lake Tillery (32 Miles)

This centrally located compound offers a near "dam 2 dam" run as well as some exploration of the main creek feeding the lakes. At less than 40 miles, one tank of fuel should have you see most of Lake Tillery.

Lake Tillery

Neuse River North & South (142 Miles)


Neuse River N & S

Northeast Cape Fear River (91 Miles)

Like the ride to Long Creek, this trail starts on something quite large and eventually becomes something much smaller. While there isn't much in the way of POIs, if you're looking to get away from it all then this is your type of ride - but take care to mind the distance traveled: Fuel can''t be found on the water.

NE Cape Fear River

Roanoke River North (133 Miles)

This out and back single track is long cruise beginning near the NE section of state's Piedmont region then flowing into the Tidewater region. Keep in mind there are no known stops offering fuel, food, or drink. Plan and supply your trip accordingly.

Roanoke River North

Roanoke River South (129 Miles)

The peferred direction of travel for this trail is north to south:  Food & fuel can be found on the bottom which will take care of your needs for the return trip home.  Carefully planned and coupled with the Roanoke North trail makes for one very long day on the water.

Roanoke River South

Sneads Ferry to Morehead City-Beaufort (93 Miles)


Sneads Ferry to MHC-B

Trent River Trail (65 Miles)

This full tank trek (and maybe a little more) heads upstream from where the Trent River finds the Neuse River at New Bern, NC. Go far enough up river and you'll be treated to a long, twisty ride where only the experienced riders should tread. The side trip into Brice Creek is just as much fun and should perhaps be considered as a warm-up ride.

Trent River Trail

Waccamaw River Ride (37 Miles)

Although this is a mirror image of the same trail originating in SC, this option has a start on the north end of the track. While it's short on any meausrable waypoints, it more than makes up for it via scenery - but, with all the twist and turns you'll encounter, don't take your eyes off the water.

Waccamaw River Ride
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