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Cumberland River - Cordell Hull to Burksville, KY (198 Miles)


Cordell Hull to Burksville
Cumberland River - Cordell Hull to Old Hickory
(198 Miles)

Beginning just below Defeated Creek, what begins as a long Cumberland River ride evenutally becomes a long rez. ride.  Food & fuel can both be found but only on the big lake.  Investigate the numerous arms feeding Old Hickory and this will become a 200+ mile all day adventure.

Cordell Hull to Old Hickory
Cumberland River - Nashville to Clarksville
(157 Miles)

Beginning on the east side of town, this trail offers a riverside view of Nashville and then goes northwest into the country.  In addition to fuel, options for food can be found in the middle or the far end.

Nashville to Clarksville
Cumberland River - Clarksville to Barkley Lake, KY (192 Miles)

Including the inevitable pit stop for fuel, you'll likely travel in excess of 200 miles on this long, multi-state out and back.  Careful planning and a windless day will best suit your attempts of traversing the upper Cumberland River and Lake Barkley

Cumberland River-Clarksville to Barkley
Pickwick to Bay Springs (98 Miles)

Although this dam-to-dam run originates in Tennessee the majority of the trail is a tour of Tishomingo region of NE Mississippi. At less than 50 miles before turning around, one tank in either direction is all the fuel you'll need for this Tenn-Tom tour.

Pickwick to Bay Springs
Pickwick to the Natchez Trace (57 Miles)

What starts as a Tennessee launch soon turns into a tri-state tour of the Pickwick Lake portion of the TN River. While a tank of gas is all it takes to complete the track, all of a rider's needs can be found on the water. 

Pickwick to Natchez Trace
TN River
Lake Chickamuga to Lake Nickajack (107 Miles)

Travelling the "Chick to Nick" gives you the opportunity to experience "Grand Canyon of TN" section of the Cumberland River.  With a rez on each end of this spectacular spread of scenery, all the necessary waypoints can be found regardless of your direction of travel. 

TN River-Chick to Nick
TN River
Lake Nickajack to Lake Guntersville (138 Miles)

TN River-Nick to Gunt
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