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Austin & Bastrop Bayous (66 Miles)

You can start in the middle or either end with this trail that offers both, little & big water.  The trails terminate in the smaller waterways on the west and north end while the east end terminates at the GoM.  Launching from the central location will bring you back to food and drink.

Austin & Bastrop Bayous
Bardwell Lake (14 Miles)

 Located SW of Ennis, TX, this small compound may not offer much on waypoints and POIs, but makes up for it in solitude and serenity. Run the trail as a Figure 8 and one lap will finish just under 14 miles.

Bardwell Lake
Big Cypress Bayou to Lake Caddo (58 Miles)

 Run this trail and you'll have spent time on the north end of Texas's only natural inland lake, Lake Caddo. Start in the middle and enjoy what each end has to offer: On the west side of the trail is historic Jefferson, TX, while the east end finishes up in the maze of "boat roads" of north L. Caddo. Food & Drink can be found at the ends, and near the center, but fuel on the water is on the lake side of the trail.

Big Cypress to Caddo Lake
Black Bayou Loop - TX (52 Miles)

Launching out of TX, most of the ride will take place in LA as you run this true loop via the Sabine River, the GIWW, and Black Bayou. Burton's Ditch and Cow Bayou will add to the fun. Consider this trail as just half of your day with the Sabine River Loop - TX being the other half.

Black Bayou Loop - TX

Brazos River & Waco City (41 Miles)

Just on the other side of the Lake Waco Dam lies the Brazos & Bosque rivers, with each having it's own unique characteristics: Travelling north on the Brazos is only limited by low water, while the south half will invite you to Waco's city riverside. Travelling the Bosque will offer a more rural view including the limestone bluffs of "Lover's Leap".

Brazos River-Waco City

Canyon Lake (51 Miles)


Canyon Lake

Cedar Creek Loop - North (31 Miles)

 Although there's plenty of surface water, navigating this Texas rez. can be challenging depending on water levels and wind due to the stump "mine fields". Mind the track and be observant because there is still plenty to see on the north half of Cedar Creek.

Cedar Creek North

Colorado River (60 Miles)

 Starting just south of Bay City, this trail winds its way due south for 30 miles where it finally terminates in the GoM. This trip offers a unique view in scenery changes and has a feel of isolation on the northern half. For those concerened, fuel and food can be found before the trip back back up river.

Colorado River

Granbury Lake & Brazos River (64 Miles)

This trail offers both, river and lake cruising, and all from a centrally located ramp. From the white cliffs, to marina life and upscale waterfront homes, there is plenty to see on the Granbury-Brazos Run.

Granbury Lake & Brazos River

Joe Pool Lake(29 Miles)

Although Joe Pool is not the larges rez in TX, it still has some action to offer any and all PWC enthusiasts. Plan for a pre or post-summer visit when the water is up as this lake is known to attract crowds. Food, drink and fuel can all be found on this Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex compound. 

Joe Pool Lake

Lake Austin (40 Miles)

Taking its name from the Texas capital city, this section of the contained Colorado River is a great dam-to-dam run: Grand views of high river bluffs, large estate homes, and options for a food and beverage stop.

Lake Austin

Lake Lyndon B Johnson (57 Miles)

Welcome to another rez and taming of the Colorado River:  This shoreline cruise coupled with the upper drainage makes this a near dam-to-dam run.  While a tank of gas is more than enough, those making a full day on the water can find both food and fuel.

Lake LBJ

Lake Ray Hubbard (42 Miles)

 Lying just east of DFW is Lake Ray Hubbard, another reservoir supplying the metroplex area. Although popular during the summer months, some solitude can be found on the north end, provided you mind the stump field. Marinas offering fuel, food and entertainment can be found easily enough, and the Rockwall Harbor should not be missed.

Lake Ray Hubbard

Lake Waco (17 Miles)

Don't be fooled by the milage listed for this trail: Visit L. Waco when the water is right and you can navigate your way into several of the res's. feeders - the North and Middle Bosque Rivers, as well as Hog Creek - eventually doing triple the amount of posted distance.

Lake Waco

Lake Whitney & Brazos River (95 Miles)

As one of the better trails in the north-central TX region, this ride offers much: The Brazos River, which feeds into Lake Whitney, has long range, cruise-style flat water riding. For a more aggressive trip, going into L. Whitney on a typical summer day will provide a trail with 1 to 2 foot chop. With its massive, white rock cliffs and other scenic views, the lake is certainly worth the visit.

Lake Whitney & Brazos R

Lewisville Lake - East (46 Miles)

This Texas rez. is much larger than the milage shown as this trail only takes the east side into consideration. With enough water, there's a lengthy creek to run on the north end to escape the crowds, while "Party Cove" is where you'll find them on summer weekends. While exploring each arm of the lake will increase your trail length, food, drink, and gas can usually be found at any of the large marinas noted on the lake. 

Lewisville Lake East

Richland Chambers Rez (58 Miles)

Just a few miles east of Corsicana is a deceptively large lake, the Richland Chamber Resevoir. Due to it's "out of the way" location, there is hardly any traffic which will makes for a great day of long, smooth PWC cruising. Additionally, the lake offers quite a few opportunities to make an island stop or two.

Richland Chambers Rez

Sabine River Loop - TX (56 Miles)

Splitting the land between the Lone Star State and Bayou Country is the Sabine River watershed. Except for the industrial sites on the south end, this is complete loop through nature with a little extra water on the top and bottom.  You'll also want to consider the Black Bayou Loop - TX as a companion ride to make for a full day.

Sabine River Loop - TX

San Bernard River (68 Miles)

By completing the north-half of this trail first, you'll have plenty of time to hang out on the "sand & sea" end where the San Bernard River finds the GoM. While the upper portion is a view of river life among the tree-shaded banks, the lower side offers views of the south Texas marsh. With places to stop for a cold drink and a hot meal, the SBR Run makes for a fun day of PWCing.

San Bernard River

San Jacinto to Cedar Bayou (95 Miles)

Consider this trail as "all inclusive" - at nearly 100 miles of water to cruise, this long out and back has a lot to offer. First, there's the water types: Rivers, ship channels, open bays and small bayous. Secondly, there are the POIs: Sandbar/Island stops, bridges, and marinas, with fuel, food and drinks all on the water.

San Jacinto to Cedar Bayou

Taylor's Bayou to Cow Bayou (81 Miles)

This out and back trail offers two unique views via two types of water: Easy cruising on the smooth waters of Taylor's By, then the open waters with a view to the commercial sites lining the GIWW. At just over 40 miles one way, you'll enjoy the break, and hospitality, at the end of the line - Peggy's on the Bayou

Taylor's Bayou to Cow Bayou

Trinity River - North (90 Miles)

 Before entering Lake Livingston, this portion of the Trinity River winds its way for many untamed miles. While it offers the adventurous PWC rider miles to explore, it shows little in the way of POIs. Fuel and range should both be in check for this long out and back run.

Trinity River-North

Trinity River - South (69 Miles)

AExcept for the Wallisville LP Locks and a few bridges, this ride winds it's way north, and back south again, through mostly undeveloped and reserved tracts of land. Although there are numerous sandbars to visit on the upper section, be sure to pack a lunch as there are no riverside POIs offering food or drink (or fuel).

Trinity River South
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