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Kerr Lake (108 Miles)

With nearly 900 miles of shoreline, the trail riding will be seemingly endless on this state border rez. Solitude, island & sandbar stops, as well as creek exploration define Kerr Lake. Keep in mind that the jump-off points are high in numbers, but fuel on the water is limited - plan your route accordingly.

Kerr Lake
James River - Lower (152 Miles)

This trail begins at the confluence of the Appomattox River and the James River.  From this point and going south, the waterway gets only larger as you cruise your way towards the Chesapeake Bay.  Sites along the way include the remainder of the James River Ghost Fleet and the naval base in Norfolk.

James River-Lower
Lake Gaston (88 Miles)

Here's a VA version of the near dam to dam run originally tracked out of NC. By exploring all of the feeder creeks draining into this large rez, posting triple digits on this trail will be no problem. Originating in VA, the southern half of the trail leads into NC. Grand resedential views, food & drink stops, as well as fuel can all be found on Lake Gaston.

Lake Gaston VA

Middle Potomac to DC (57 Miles)

Consider this trail when looking for variety: Waters include the wider portions of the central Potomac to the more narrow section north of DC. Additionally, the farther north you travel the more sights there are to see including the monuments found along the "DC National Tour". Although the trail is less than a tank, fuel & food can be found for those making a full day on the water.

Middle Potomac to DC

Norfolk to Coinjock, NC (121 Miles)

Departing from Willoughy Bay, this trail first passes through the Norfolk Naval Base, then Norfolk's industrial area, and eventually becomes more rurual as you now head east and south. Finally, once over the line into NC, you'll cross Currituck Sound where you'll find fuel for skis and riders alike. 

Norfolk to Coinjock, NC

Tangier & Smith Island Loop (82 Miles)

Located in the central Chesapeake Bay area, this trail crosses open water for the history-rich Tangier and Smith Islands where both food and fuel can be found. As the trail is only a reference, be sure to mind the PVC pipes & floats marking the numerous crab pots & oyster reefs throughout the bay area. This trail also offers scenery along the Great Wicomico River

Tangier & Smith Island Loop
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